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​Pottery Studio

​Where pottering around all day has
​become something of an art form!
Pottery for two
If you want something a little bit special, then the pottery session for two is for you. This session is popular with couples but is also great for friends or families. Perfect for a special date night, surprise anniversary celebration or birthday treat.

Unlike the other class sessions, the private session means that you have sole use of the pottery studio.  Charlotte is on hand to guide you through the making process. It is quite possible in two hours to make a bowl, vase or a jug and you can play it safe or be as creative as the clay will allow.

It is a learning session but it's important that time in the studio is relaxing and fun. Tea and coffee is provided during daytime sessions and wine or a soft drink is available for an evening session.

There are two types of sessions for two people. The first is a hand-building session.

The second is a hand-building session plus the opportunity to have a go on the potter's wheel.

If you would rather come back to glaze the items yourself you can attend one of the Saturday or evening weekday group sessions for an extra £10 for one item £15 for two. A basic glaze is included in the price but there are a variety of glazes to choose from should you wish to complete the whole process. You can discuss this with Charlotte during your making session.
Hand-building session
£60 per person

During this 2 hour session you will learn how to make a pottery item from scratch using the coil building technique. This technique has been used for thousands of years and is the process of making a shaped vessel by adding coils of wet clay on top of each other and smoothing them together to create a bond.

Your finished master-pieces will need to be slowly dried until completely dry. They will then be kiln fired to 1000 degrees celcius.

As soon as they are cool enough to remove from the kiln they are glazed by hand and when the glaze is dry, will be returned to the kiln for a second firing to an even higher temperature.

The pots are then boxed and wrapped and ready for collection. This process usually takes around three weeks but does vary depending on demand of the kiln. One kiln firing takes over 24 hours to complete!

Hand-building with the potter's wheel 
£70 per person

This session is the same as the above hand-building session but you also both get to have a go on the potter's wheel. During this session two piece of pottery will be made by each person and they will go through the same careful firing and glazing process as above.

“I would thoroughly recommend this private session. My other half wasn't so keen to begin with but his competitive nature soon came out in full force. We both had a lovely two hours together (quite a rarity with three kids snapping at our heels!) We actually made bowls that we use every day. Even our teenager was impressed! A miracle. Thank you Charlotte.  ”
Katie White